Monday, 25 October 2010

Topsey Turvey land comes to Kensington

After 35 years of photographing British racists as they scream, yell and hiss "Yid", "Hebe", "Hymie", "Ikey", "Kike" and other rather more biological words it's disorienting to see them waving Israeli flags, demanding that True British support Israel and watching them cheer an orthodox (if bonkers) Rabbi. A case of my enemies enema perhaps?

Yesterday's turnout was a bit rubbish, barely 200 bothered to turn up and chant their way from the pub to the pen the police had set up for them.

Someone tossed a cup of water onto the mixing deck, giving the vitriolic, hate filled speeches a nice 'from the bunker' feel but I still feel cleaner with these racists cursing Jews than I do when they are sucking up to them. Not that their love of Israel stops them trying to thump me at every opportunity.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Here come the cuts - and the protests begin

They do these things better in France, petrol bombs are so photogenic.
Just hours after the first cuts are announced 2-3,000 students marched angrily and energetically through central London to Downing Street for a rally and speeches.

All a bit predictable but this is just the first of what is going to be a long, steady, growing escalation of resistance as these attacks on living standards aimed squarely at the poorest and the least responsible for the financial meltdown start to bite.

While benefits, housing and education are slashed. While health services are flogged off to private 'enterprise' the rich (that's wheer the bank's money went) continue to swap their lavish houses, buy and sell their yachts and fly from club to jolly to beach to party untouched and svelte.

Remember the Poll Tax!