Sunday, 20 June 2010

Energy, anger and a lot of running about

It's genuinely inspiring to see the energy and GoForItness of the Bengalis in Tower Hamlets

but I can't help seeing thousands of angry people with no political leadership, analysis or direction as more a time bomb than an anti racist movement.

no time for nudity today

I really enjoyed last weekend's Naked Bike ride despite the ever growing number of sad wusses, bonded to their textile existence.
I still have 40 files to process but no time yet so here's a teaser to keep you interested until I get round to doing the rest just as soon as the world slows down a bit.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dinner in the Land of Cockaigne

Celebrated my birthday this year (a good number - 8^2, 4^3 or 2^6, 3 years since the last prime and 3 years till the next) in the Land of Cockaigne courtesy of Trolley Gallery.

Waiters and waitresses flit beneath our feet. Flying pigs, nun's bottoms, fish out of water and asparagus hoists distracted us from counting the copious glugs of wine as we excessed our way through a confection of perfection.